Prosper Ogwa Says:- You Need To Think, To Be Rich In Nigeria.

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The major reason for poverty and economic problems in Nigeria is lack of many inventors and thinkers. In this part of the world, we have been trained to follow footsteps of a successful black man. It is a belief that failure is a sin and this culture has deprived thousands of people from trying out new things, which outcome would have been productive to the society. 
We need to understand that following the footsteps of a successful person does not guarantee our own success. 

  • Thinking makes the difference. There are many thing we can do with our potentials, all we need is to think on how unique and excellent we can make. THINKERS ARE BUILDERS. " You can not be rich in a poor country and your country can't be rich without your influence and potentials". 

Many Nigerians today are only concerned in money making , there is no problem with that but the dilemma is on how they intend in doing so. Working for others to earn a living is the most common in Nigeria. The fact remains that employees are faced with series of challenges in their place of work, most of which results to a sack from boss, resignation from workers and if you manage to escape this, you can not run away from retirement. How many bankers own a bank after rendering selfless services? 

How many petrol attendants establish their own petrol station after working for many years? Off course, not so many of them. The difference between an employee and employer is the ability to think, create and work things out. Take a moment, think of the best you can become don't wait for a perfect condition START NOW

  • Stop working hard and start working smart, USE YOUR POTENTIALS to explore today. Do something you have always wished you could do, TAKE THE RISK and WIN

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  1. Great post! Thinking is not enough. Thinking about an awesome idea should be backed up with action against all odds.
    People shouldn't get carried away with lack of capital. Pitch your idea to the right investors.

    1. Thinking outside the box and being independent also can help


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